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Are there any tools that can automatically generate properly formatted citations (from bare URLs?) Bare links on Wikipedia are supposed to be replaced with properly citations. Are there any tools or software to make this easier?

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I have read (from other Wikipedia editors) that there is some software that can do this, but I haven't found this software yet. –  Anderson Green Dec 2 '12 at 21:50

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Wikipedia itself has a limited number of citation helpers. On your Preferences page, Gadgets tab, set "Citation expander", which is described here. Then when you are editing a page, there will be a "Cite" toggle which will show a toolbar where you can choose a template, such as "cite web" for a basic url reference. There is also support for automatically filling in info given a DOI or some other IDs.

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Here, you can find an online tool that can automatically generate references for Google Books articles: https://reftag.appspot.com/ You can also generate references for DOI and the New York Times.

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Reflinks (click the "interactive" tab) is an external took that completes bare references already present in the article. It attempts to automatically fill in fields such as title and publisher by taking them from the webpage. However, the tool is not perfect, and you should inspect each reference and fix any inaccurate or missing fields.

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