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I would like to collect logs of chats in a specific subject (namely, negotiation between an employer and an employee). So I would like to create a task in Amazon Mechanical Turk, where pairs of turkers will have to enter a specific chat-room and discuss that subject, and I will get the logs.

Instead of writing this application myself, I would like to know if there is an existing application for this. The application should handle:

  • coordination between users - the chat should involve exactly two partners, so when one turker enters the room, he should wait until there is another turker in that room; and when a 3rd turker enters, he will find himself in a new room waiting for the 4th turker, and so on.
  • logs - the application should keep all logs of all chats, with the worker IDs of the involved turkers, so that I can view them later.
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