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Can anybody tell a me how I can load a large vertical list into the margin of a spreadsheet?

e.g, I want to copy a list of stocks from notepad (aligned vertically) to Google spreadsheet with each word in its own cell vertically down the left margin of a Google spreadsheet;

Also if I want to get the volume of all of these stocks in column A via a feed from Yahoo finance BUT wanted to do it in one line of code rather than add it stock by stock how can I do that ?

The inputs I have are price, price % change, volume, volume ave. I can do all of those individually but I'd like to be able to add the stocks to it in bulk quickly.

And that should be updated every 20 minutes right?

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That's a lot of questions in one post. If you want good answers, you should post individual, well-phrased questions. – Vidar S. Ramdal Nov 9 '15 at 10:06

With the following formula you can convert a comma-separated cell into a column range:

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This site doesn't work well when you load up a Question with multiple questions.

As for your first question, I would save the file with a .csv extension then upload it to Google Drive with the "convert" option checked. Assuming you have your items on separate lines it should convert nicely into a spreadsheet with each item in its own cell in column A.

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