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When using Yahoo Messenger to send SMS, I get:

Sorry, but Yahoo! Messenger is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

I receive this error message after step three below:

To send SMS text messages in Yahoo! Mail:

    Sign in to Yahoo! Mail.
    Select the down arrow next to "Compose Message."
    Select SMS.

I see that this question is asked and not answered on yahoo.

Perhaps a credit card or other authorization is required to send? Or OS problem? Apparently a phone is required to receive SMS, which is fine. I just want to send SMS messages and would be willing to pay the going rate (skype is about fifteen cents, IIRC).

In order to receive SMS messages, your friend must have an SMS/text messaging-enabled mobile phone. Standard text/data rates apply.

I know that skype requires authentication, but if that's part of the directions, pardon, I don't see that. RTFM answers appreciated, please just quote or point to the part I'm missing.

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