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I would like to use a screenshot of Google Maps on my company's website. But I'm not sure they allow using the maps besides through their API. Maybe it's OK if the image points to the Google website?

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It isn't allowed. You have to use the Google Maps API or ask for a High Res Screenshot directly to Google.com

link -> http://www.google.com/permissions/geoguidelines.html

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openstreetmap.org has a more permissive license. See "How to credit OpenStreetMap" at openstreetmap.org/copyright – nic Apr 2 '13 at 4:39
Which section of that permission documentation actually says it's not allowed? The page currently says Google Earth Pro lets you print high-resolution views, but it doesn't say you can't do the same independently as far as I see. – Peter Majeed Mar 13 '14 at 14:59

You can use a Google Maps image if you give attribution in the way they want it.

Found on Permissions - Google

Using Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View



If you’d like to use our Content in a web-based project or application, please first review the general guidelines at the top of this page, especially with regard to attribution.


Google Earth images

We know the imagery in Google Earth, both current and historical, can provide useful visual context to news websites, blogs, and other educational sites. And often these sites want to use the imagery found in Google Earth as still images, both as-is or annotated with additional labels and features. You may use a handful of these images in a news article or on a blog, just please be sure to follow our attribution rules. Note that Google Earth Pro allows you to export high-resolution JPEGs—particularly handy for these projects.

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I'm pretty sure that just related to images from Google Earth, not to screenshots of mapping data from Google Maps, which is what the original question asked about. – MaryC.fromNZ Jan 28 at 11:11

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