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I have used TweetStats excellent statistics since the site launched. However, I find it less and less reliable and it can simply not work for weeks at a time.

I have found replacement apps and services for all the data points that TweetStats tracks except for two (that I find highly interesting): the clients I use the most and reply statistics (who you reply to the most and who mentions you most frequently).

The client statistic is important to me because I like seeing how my usage changes from device-to-device and from app-to-app.

Is there another service out there that can track this information? I feel like I have already checked all the possible Twitter analytics/statistics services—most of them do the exact same thing—there is.

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So embarrassingly... I couldn't find anything when I had this problem, so I switched on email notifications for replies and mentions (they are filtered out of my inbox for everyday use) then periodically I run quick searches in my Gmail to pull up all the notifications for particular users. It's not elegant but it works.

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