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In YouTube, is it possible to know the total number of videos uploaded by a channel without actually counting it?

I am only able to see the total number of "Video views" and not the number of videos uploaded.

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When you open any video it will display the owner's name and the total amount of videos they have to the right, like below: enter image description here

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Okay, I was seeing the channels page and not any video uploaded by them. – user221287 Dec 19 '12 at 7:15

For the updated YouTube interface, you just need to hover over the Channel Owner's name just below the video and a popup overlay shows up showing all subscribers and amount of videos uploaded.

Some YouTube users keep their videos private, which can only be accessed when you subscribe to them. In such a case, getting the number of videos uploaded is a bit difficult if you haven't subscribed to them as you only see the videos uploaded under their name.

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Nowadays, that works!!!!!!!!!! – tazo todua Feb 8 '15 at 15:12
This seems to work only when you are using Chrome. Other browsers just show ellipses where the numbers should be. – Daniel Saner Mar 9 at 13:27

You can also access it via the API, just point your browser to the following URL (after replacing TheChannel by your channel name), and read the value for totalItems:


Source: Illiou on reddit.

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