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I'd like to “hide” an image on a card in Trello—not delete it—, since it has been part of the project, but I don't need it currently. So a “hide image” option will be really useful!

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Are you asking how to hide an image or are you suggesting a “hide image” option? – Alex Dec 19 '12 at 13:22
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Unfortunately you cannot hide an image attached to a Card.

You can remove (delete) an image from a card and you can opt to not use an image as a cover (visible without opening the card), the image remains attached to the card.

To deselect a cover, open the card, and click the "Remove Cover" link next to the image that is currently the cover (it has a blue border).

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Thanks SteB, your comment answered my question. So, we can't 'hide' an image. Thanks for responding! – Poonam Jan 28 '13 at 6:45
@Poonam - Thanks, please consider accepting this answer if it was useful. – SteB Jan 28 '13 at 8:33

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