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I have a file foo.zip, that I want hosted on the internet somewhere, and that can be downloaded with a wget command. I have tried a few options (including Google Drive), but each time I end up downloading the containing website, as opposed to the file for which the download starts automatically.

Basically, I need a direct link to the file, e.g. www.example.com/foo.zip, as opposed to a "hashed" link such as www.example.com/1928394819293840124857. How can I host a file online and have a direct link to it for download with wget?

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You can use Dropbox for this as well. Check the answers to this question on Web Apps and this one on Superuser to see how you can link directly to the file you want to download.

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I suggest you to use http://www.fileden.com/ as stated officially:

Our service allows all customers to directly link to their files without annoying download pages or waiting times and comes with a standard yearly 99.5% uptime guarentee.

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Looks very promising. Thanks. – Randomblue Dec 22 '12 at 13:01

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