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Can anyone recommend a way to monitor project status in Basecamp (New Basecamp)? I have a list of 25 projects, and I'd love to be able to label them "action needed", "on hold" , "waiting for client". I spoke to support and the only way they know of is to change the titles of the projects to reflect these statuses, but I don't like that because my clients are in on the projects and I don't want to create confusion by changing project names.

Thanks for any advice.

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We've started using internal user accounts as psuedo-statuses. So we've created

backlog, ready to test, ready to push

That way, we can keep the tasks organized in their original to-do lists, even if backlogged (assigned to the 'backlog' user). If you have one person tasked to QA or Pushes, you're probably OK. With a smaller shop like ours, I just go in and filter tasks for 'ready to test' in the morning for what I need to check.

Bonus: you can see tasks 'ready to test' or 'ready to push' across ALL projects in basecamp when viewing the pseudo-status user's profile.

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The Roadmap product, which integrates with Basecamp, lets you define custom health labels (along with a color). Within Roadmap, you can then assign these to your Basecamp projects and track/report using them. More info here.

I don't know of any formal way to do this within Basecamp all by itself - I think you need a complementary tool. In full disclosure, I work for Roadmap. I should also mention that the Custom Health feature applies to Roadmap's Plus and Pro plans.

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