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I'm looking for something that would facilitate a private video chat between two cameras. Ideally it would be a hosted service (like viddler) that can be implemented into a site and branded.

I've read Adobe Stratus is the technology behind chatroulette - the need is for something that has similar functionality but privately and not random - TinyChat is pretty close but isn't brandable or able to be embedded.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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It's built specifically for education, but it's free and open source, it's brandable, and includes an API to integrate it into your website

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Something like this: http://www.hbrlabs.com/ . They have several branded experiences, so I assume they offer the white label services.

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Try this free, hosted business collaboration tool; Banckle Enterprise IM for secure two-way video chat. Juts connect webcams and go.

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