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With Google's "Scan and Match" feature, I understand that when I go to upload new music, Google will scan the music prior to uploading, and if Google has a copy already, it just adds their copy to my music collection online (instead of uploading it again). Sometimes Google's copy is higher quality than mine, so I would like to apply this to ALL of my music (including already-uploaded music). Is there any way to do this?

The alternative I see is to just delete everything and start over, but that sucks. :-(

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AFAIK this will be coming but for now no, it doesn't retro-actively match your existing library. – OnenOnlyWalter Dec 27 '12 at 18:52
Does Google really not match your existing library? Do they state that explicitly? Has anyone experienced something that proves they are not? I'm really interested, it can't be hard for Google to match all existing music... – Steven Roose Dec 29 '12 at 12:32

It looks like this will be happening automatically over time. Here's the relevant portion of the Google Help page on the feature.

If you’re a longtime Google Play Music user, you don’t need to re-upload your files to have them matched. In the next few months, we'll automatically match what we can of your existing library.

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