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How to do a Google search for webpages last updated within 2 years?

The only option Google offers is to get results from the past hour. Is it possible to get results from the past 3 hours for example ? From the past 2 years would also be useful for me.

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How is the duplicate given answering my question for search results from the past 3 hours? The past 2 years is only an addition to my main question. – Gradient Dec 31 '12 at 20:02

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For finding all google result from 2011-12-31 till 2012-12-31

  • add daterange:2455927-2456293 to your search term
  • you have to update both numbers every day you wanna do the search
  • this link helps you converting a date to a serial

You will get the same by using the custom range search option

enter image description here

Unfortunately you can't search for past 2 hours using the same method.

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