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I have shared several work calendars in Google Calendars with my boss who is an AOL user. He linked his AOL account to a generic Google account – received the email invitation to that calendar, we can get to the calendar settings page – we press "save" and "back to calendar" but he says it is not showing up.

I'm sure we're missing something really minor – but what is it?

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Asking in a comment first because it's basic, but did you make sure the boss' "My Calendars" menu is open on the left nav tray? If it's collapsed, click the triangle on the left to expand it and perhaps the calendars are listed there. – OnenOnlyWalter Jul 5 '13 at 6:22

If you have shared YOUR calendar with your boss' GMail account, and they have then shared their Gmail calendar to their AOL Account, you are not going to see YOUR calendar on their AOL calendar

The reason is that they are not sharing "everything that I can see" with the AOL calendar.

All they are actually sharing is "events that are currently on GMail calendar".

So if you want them to be able to see your events you have to share your calendars directly with their AOL account (or, give them rights to Share your Calendar via their GMail account)

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