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I share a Google doc with UserA, UserB, UserC. I want administrators AdminA, AdminB or would preferably would like to have a group GroupA comprising the 2 administrators to have the ability to set Share permissions on the document.

Currently the Share permissions can be set by anyone who I am sharing the document with, this is a security problem for us. How do we set the permissions correctly.

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Part 1

When sharing, the default setting is to allow anyone who has Edit rights to also Share the document.

When you open the share window, you should see some small text at the bottom that says:

"Editors will be allowed to add people and change the permissions. [Change]"

Click on change, and then change the setting to "Only the owner can change the permissions"

Part 2

Now that only you can change permissions of a doc, you'll need to change AdminA and AdminB from "Can edit" to "Is Owner"

This will allow them to manage the permissions on a doc as well.

As for allowing a group alias' members to have edit/owner/sharing permissions, that will need to be addressed in your other question about Group Permissions.

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