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I use Trello for project managing and I really want to share email threads to my Trello comments in cards.

It is something like this: "team" <--(Trello)--> "I" <--(email)--> "partners". I always copy and paste mail threads from my business partners to Trello and it is uncomfortable.

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There are two "webapps" that can combine Trello with Gmail: Gmello and Emello. You might find them interesting.

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There are actually quite a few users on Zapier who use this zap to create cards with the contents of an email based on the what label the email has. You should be able to create new comments on a trello card from an email as well.

Disclaimer: I work at Zapier but even if I didn't this is how I'd do it. ;)

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I tried Gmello too, but ended up using Gmail to Trello Chrome extension, working good and easy to use.

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