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Usually, Gmail offers a link to download all attachments. However, someone sent me a HTML e-mail where the attachments are images inside the e-mail. They are technically attachments, but there is no link to download all attachments as an archive. Right now I am right-clicking on each image and clicking "save", but that's not a very convenient solution.

Is there a way to download all of them as an archive?

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any final solution ? –  Kiquenet Dec 19 '13 at 21:20
Not for me. The situation is quite rare and I haven't put more time into it. –  gerrit Dec 20 '13 at 9:04
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I've found no solution yet, but I found it's faster using drag & drop to download the images.

If the images would have been added as attachments, the option to download them all at once would appear.

More info here: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com.es/2013/03/attach-images-in-new-gmail-compose.html

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Take a screen shot! Don't know about PCs, but on a Mac press command shift 4 at the same time, then draw a rectangle around each image. When you let go it will be saved on the desktop. Rename as you see fit.

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My work-around to downloading all pictures of a embedded email in Gmail is to:

  1. open email with embedded images, make sure all images shown

  2. In your internet browser goto File menu and then use the "Save Page As" option. (I use Firefox, but should work for other internet browsers.)

  3. set a destination for your page and save

  4. all files, including pictures for that page should be saved to the destination folder

  5. extract pictures

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