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Usually, Gmail offers a link to download all attachments. However, someone sent me a HTML e-mail where the attachments are images inside the e-mail. They are technically attachments, but there is no link to download all attachments as an archive. Right now I am right-clicking on each image and clicking "save", but that's not a very convenient solution.

Is there a way to download all of them as an archive?

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any final solution ? – Kiquenet Dec 19 '13 at 21:20
Not for me. The situation is quite rare and I haven't put more time into it. – gerrit Dec 20 '13 at 9:04

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I've found no solution yet, but I found it's faster using drag & drop to download the images.

If the images would have been added as attachments, the option to download them all at once would appear.

More info here: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com.es/2013/03/attach-images-in-new-gmail-compose.html

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This method does not save the low resolution version of the image. To get the full resolution version you still have to click on the Download button that pops up when you hover over the image. – Alan Turing Dec 13 '14 at 3:22

My work-around to downloading all pictures of a embedded email in Gmail is to:

  1. open email with embedded images, make sure all images shown

  2. In your internet browser goto File menu and then use the "Save Page As" option. (I use Firefox, but should work for other internet browsers.)

  3. set a destination for your page and save

  4. all files, including pictures for that page should be saved to the destination folder

  5. extract pictures

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  • Scroll to the bottom of the message and press the Forward button.
  • Each embedded attachment will now appear as a link with the option to delete (x).
  • If you click on the name of the image it will download.

This procedure saved a file size of 2,354,359 bytes (2.4 MB on disk) with embedded camera meta data (Camera type and settings). For the same images using the right click->Save As technique only saved a file size of 1,126,377 bytes (1.1 MB on disk). Both techniques produced an image with the resolution of 1944 × 2592 but there is obviously some compression in the images shown on the web page.

This test was done on Google Chrome browser for Mac.

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Even when clicking "forward", the images still appear embedded and without any attachment links at the bottom. – Sparkler Aug 17 '15 at 23:14

I have an answer but it requires forwarding the email to a yahoo email account. From the yahoo email account you can then download all the images at once. The option is at the bottom of the email. It will download the images into a zip file.

If there are lots of pics it is worth setting up a yahoo account just to do this!

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can't find any such option! – coding_idiot Apr 27 at 5:25

It seems to be an issue with the way these images are embedded into the email. Normally you would get a download all if the attachments button was used.

It is on the top right of the images and it looks like an arrow.

However if you don't have that option the images are embedded. You only have the Google Drive Icon.

So what you need to do is click on the Drive icon and Save them all to Drive. Create a New Folder when it asks to keep them organized. Once in Drive go to the folder and select all the images in the folder, there is a button to select all. Now download. It will download them in a zip file that you can extract to wherever you want them.

Just remember in the future if you send a lot of photos, use the attach button.

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Take a screen shot! Don't know about PCs, but on a Mac press command shift 4 at the same time, then draw a rectangle around each image. When you let go it will be saved on the desktop. Rename as you see fit.

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This will reduce quality down to the level of the preview... images usually have a lot more detail than you can see on screen. – Ben Voigt May 15 '15 at 0:48
This is just what I needed. My wife had sent me a screenshot of a serial number I wanted to transcribe. I wanted to save the image to photos, crop it, and attach the cropped image to a note for easily seeing it and transcribing. In retrospect, I should have just used my computer. – Brian Rothstein Mar 16 at 16:46

Here is a possible solution.

I forward the email to my Yahoo account. From there, right-click on the embedded image and select the View Image option. Yahoo will display the original picture at the original resolution. You can then right-click to save that picture.

FYI: Just taking a screen shot or right-click to "Save Image" is not a good solution because, if the embedded image was high resolution, you would only be able to recover a low-res, almost thumbnail of the original attachment.

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Opinions and personal feelings about services are not helpful to answering questions and should be avoided. Also this solution does not really solve the original question which was about finding an easier solution over having to manually save each individual image. This solution effectively only adds an extra step to the exact same process as the op did not express any concern about getting the image at any higher resolution then the one provided in the email. – Bradley A. Tetreault Aug 3 '14 at 22:48

My solution for this problem is by using Thunderbird

Set Up

Set up your gmail account via the Existing Mail Account wizard in Thunderbird. It's easy. You just insert your preferred name and your gmail's email address and password. If you have typed them correctly, a web page will open after this step that ask for Thundebird-Gmail pair confirmation. Accept it.

Download Photos

  1. Before opening the mail that has the images, go to View->Message Body As-> Plain Text

  2. Now open your mail.

  3. On the bottom right corner there will be a button : Save All

This will save all the attachments that the mail has inside, including the images.

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In the latest Gmail :

  1. Simply click on the image and it'll start a slideshow.

  2. Slide through the images and click on the Download icon on the top-header.

It's better than downloading the entire page and then finding appropriate images in the folder. Or right-clicking on each individual image, especially if the images are large.

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The answer is to right click and choose "view image". That will allow you to save as JPG.

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That's what the Asker is doing. The preferred solution is to download them all at once. – Al E. Jun 9 '15 at 11:23

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