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Now and again I receive requests from friends that they want to add my birthday to their calendar using the "I want to add your birthday" app, is this an explicit request from the friend or is this app using personal attributes without permission for an exploitative purpose, if it's the latter then are you breaking the law?

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It seems to be a useless app. I've not accepted any requests - Facebook already has the ability to post your birthday and alert your friends to that event.

The app doesn't appear to be illegal or noted by Facebook as spam (yet).

Read more here: http://www.businessinsider.com/mycalendar-facebook-app-2013-1

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I haven't responded either, duplicate function of home pg birthday notifications, plus My droid calendar auto- added everyone on Facebook (It didn't use the add bday app, as far as I can tell)

It is spam IMO

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