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Trello is about perfect for my basic organizational needs, but I can't come up with a solution on how to share card information with an outside user. I'm tracking questions/issues and when done I'd like to be able to send the results (without cutting and pasting) to an outside email. Any solution?

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From the Trello help guide:

Organization admins can make the organizations visibility public or private. You can change the setting in the "Account" page. Private organizations will not show up on your profile when other people view it. They will also not show up in search results.

Organizations also have admins which have the ability to add / remove members, and edit the name and description. To add a member as an admin, click on their avatar in the member list on the profile, and select "Make Admin of Organization".

So it sounds like the only way to do this is to make your board public and share the link right now.

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Alternatively, if you're okay with the end user seeing the Trello card in a different format (like in an email) I might recommend trying Zapier.

You could set up a new Trello List on your Board called "Shared". Then, use a Trello to GMail Zap which watches this new List for new Cards.

Trello to GMail Zap

When Zapier sees a new Card in your Shared List, it can automatically send the contents of the Card in an email.

You might consider putting the outside user's email address into the description field of the Trello card and mapping that over when you build your Zap. If you decide to do this, keep in mind you'll want to add the email address before putting the card into the Shared List.

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After facing this same problem, I built a small service that does exactly this at http://cards.websitesfortrello.com/.

The workflow is to just go to the site and paste your card URL in the input box and authorize. The card contents at that exact moment in time will be saved and you'll get a link to a public version of that card. No one will be able to find the link unless you share it, and you can delete it whenever you want.

Besides the card name and description, the tool supports card attachments, checklists and due dates -- but not comments (as comments, at least in my experience, freqüently contain useless information or personal content not always worth sharing).

Alternatively, you can just head over to http://cards.websitesfortrello.com/<card_id>.

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It is now possible to share a link to a specific card.

From the Trello documentation:

To obtain a link to a card on your board, open the card, click "Share and more..." from the lower right-hand corner of the card back and copy the link to your card.

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