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I want to...

  • automatically perform a one way sync from Google Drive to Dropbox
  • convert the files to a format supported by LibreOffice or HTML during the synchronization. But any non proprietary and easily editable format will do!

The solution is better if...

  • I can pick the destionation folder freely
  • the destination format is supported by LibreOffice, as it's my preferred office suite.
  • the destination format is ODF/OpenDocument, as it's my preferred free and open office suite format
  • it detects which files are new, deleted and updated so it doesn't have to synchronize everything each time
  • the same solution can handle other similar use cases, such as doing the same thing for Evernote instead of Google Drive

It doesn't matter if...

  • the solution is free of charge or has a reasonable price
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See my answer to your other question. – nitrl Jan 11 '13 at 6:24

Brive does this. Will backup all your documents in a variety of formats.

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