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I dislike the compose window anchored to the side of my Gmail window. Is there a way to force Gmail to default to the pop-out window without having to select it with every email?

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You can press shift when clicking compose. Would be good if you didn't even need to do that though.

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In the lower right hand corner of the compose window, click the little triangle to see more options. Click the Default to full-screen option.

There does not seem to be a way to may the reply button always go to pop out window though.

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To enable the new compose feature do the following:

  • Click compose
  • Look for the link "Try out the new compose experience" it is on the same line as send/save now/ discard/labels.
  • Click through the demo screens and now you are set to always use the new compose pop out feature.

To go back tot he old style of compose:

  • Click compose
  • In the lower right corner of the pop out window is a small menu next to the trashcan.
  • The first item in the menu is "switch back to the old compose"
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One way to solve your issue is to switch to the old Gmail interface using the browser extension Retro Compose (Chrome), Old Compose (Chrome+Firefox), or Fix Compose for Gmail:

enter image description here

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