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Is there a keyboard shortcut that moves Trello cards up or down in list order?

I want to prioritize cards without dragging and dropping.

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Currently the feature you want is not implemented. The only way to prioritise cards without drag and drop is moving all cards out of the list and move card with the highest priority first back to the list.

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Yes... we need that feature. Can't wait to have it. Also it's strange that Trello supports J and K keys, but for left and right only arrows. And yet it is still so awesome :) – Agzam May 17 '14 at 11:31
@Agzam J and K just select different cards (equivalent to and ), < and > actually move the selected card. – Nick T Jan 13 at 18:42
But why not use shift + J and shift + K to move up and down cards? – deftOfCenter Apr 15 at 15:48
Are there any updates for this? – Jonathan Leung Jul 28 at 17:29

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