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Is there a web site which notifies you with email when a new version of an app is available (for apps like Winrar, Google Earth, phpBB, MediaWiki, Wordpress, Firefox)?

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Might be a bit unrelated, but I know that at least Wordpress and Firefox does that themselves, whenever you use them. – Gnub Jul 15 '10 at 23:23
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FileHippo.com will accomplish something similar that what you want to do (but it doesn't email you or anything). If you install the FileHippo.com Update Checker it will scan and notify you of updates (there is an option to be notified of beta updates as well).

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Similar to FileHippo, but slightly different (Focus is more on Windows Drivers, but also works for some programs):

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I realize that there has been one year since you asked this question, however, if this is still of interest to you I thought you might be interested in this.

We developed a tool meant to help users achieve just that - notify you when there is a newer version for one of the applications you have installed on your Windows computer - and it's called Soft32 Updater.

You can find out more about this tool at http://updater.soft32.com

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