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(this is copied from my question on superuser.com)

I'm house-hunting at the moment and I'm trying to geek it out er I mean streamline the decision-making process.

I'm currently using google maps's "my maps" feature to store pins to properties. I create one map per estate agent, then put relevant into into the individual pins. The idea being, I can look at the map and quickly choose which property to view next.

However the pins don't currently link back to the map they're owned by, so you have to hunt a bit to get the estate agent info, it's a hassle to get all maps displayed in a new session if you have lots of agents, and each pin doesn't automatically show its bubble so you have to do lots of clicking to see all the info you want.

I've tried Evernote, but despite its tag system initially showing some promise, I can't find a way to seemlessly integrate maps. A few google searches don't turn anything up either.

Even the big sites, like http://www.rightmove.co.uk, don't seem to provide any maps integration by default. You can see an individual house's location, but not all results of a search.

So is there a web site or windows program I could use to do something like this? Viewing all properties on a map is a must, as is quick access to contact details.

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As much as it pains me to say it - use Bing Maps instead.

You can store notes, Photo URLs and website URLs to keep tabs on your listings. The My Places lists are also a lot easier for collating into a form of grouping (useful for your Estate Agent example).

As you mentioned http://rightmove.co.uk it may be worth looking at other data sets in the UK - to help (and not just http://data.gov.uk).

Mapumental is superb for looking at lifestyle/travel time balance.

National Statistics shows slow moving trends in your area (such as local wealth/health for the last x years)

About My Place is great for finding out house prices in and around the area (shows schools, etc but with no real context)

Police Maps will show whether you need to worry about beefing up your locks/gates/grilles/shutters/alarm when moving in

Fix My Street helps you make an educated decision on how well the council look after the area (if something is reported several times over a 2 year+ period and the council still do nothing about it - then avoid the area)

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