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When I log into Facebook in the News Feed it shows some of my friends posting via Twitter. Is there a way I can automatically follow them on my Twitter account or get all their twitter ids to follow ?

Right now I am just trying to see if they used their real names and using the Find people on Twitter feature. By experience in twitter though, I know some do not use their Real Names :(


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Power Twitter has a Facebook feature.

Cool ! I will check it out ! Can you post their link please :) –  phwd Jun 30 '10 at 22:34
Okay I am following up been searching forums and everything. Does that Facebook show those who update their status to facebook ? Because alot of people in that stream are not my friends. I like it though –  phwd Jul 7 '10 at 21:45
Could you please elaborate? –  Andrew Jul 8 '10 at 18:56
I looked at it again, my mistake I was clicking the tweets that were propagating from the home timeline, did not realize the loading was still Loading... It has been 15 minutes and it is still loading. I am just going to assume that one of the plugins is messing with it :( –  phwd Jul 8 '10 at 22:18

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