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I'm new to fitbit web app, I am loving it so far, but because I am coming from WW's I'd like to see those points as well while I transition to calorie counting instead.

Maybe there is a greasemonkey script, or setting to add custom fields?

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I have created a solution for myself via Chrome Extension. Chrome Extension

This is my first chrome extension, and this is not intended to publicize said extension. I may create Firefox and Safari versions at a later date, but as this is currently for my personal use and I use Chrome here it is.

I will also include the code here for anyone interested in modifying or adding to it.

$(document).ready(function() {
var dailyTotal = 0;
//Update header name
$("#loggedFoodArea .subheader .cols7").html('PS');
//Loop through the listings and calculate points
$('#loggedFoodArea .listing ul li').each(function(index) {
    var cals = $(this).children('.cols3').html();
    var fat = $(this).children('.cols4').html();
    var fiber = $(this).children('.cols5').html();
    var ps = ((cals/50)+(fat/12)-(fiber/4)).toFixed(1);
    dailyTotal += parseFloat(ps);
$('#dailyTotals .content .total').last().after('<div class="total" style="margin-left: 12px;"><div class="label"><div class="substance">Points</div><div class="amount"><span id="pointAmount">'+(parseFloat(dailyTotal)/2).toFixed(1)+'</span></div></div></div>');


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If anyone objects, and feels I did this in interest of self promotion, please speak up and I will delete the entire post. – drye Jul 17 '10 at 4:28

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