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I'm using Trello for only myself (my team is not interested). But I've found it useful as a task list just for me. I would like to receive a notification for cards that are due. I've tried subscribing to the card, but I don't seem to receive a notification in the web view or iOS app when it becomes Due.

Of course, I can see the due date become RED in the card via the web view. But for those times when I am not at the computer, I'd like the notification to pop up on my iOS app automatically. Is this possible?


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I do not believe Trello has this functionality built in. If you're willing to use another service to get notifications, I recommend checking out this Trello to Google Calendar Zap on Zapier.

Trello to Google Calendar Zap

The way it works, whenever a card is updated with a due date, the Zap will automatically put the due date onto a Google Calendar. Google Calendar provides many mechanisms for upcoming event notifications including customized notifications, variable-length notifications periods, etc. You should be able to receive these on your mobile device, too!

I should note, to get this Zap to work, you'll need set up a filter (when you set up the Zap) to only trigger on cards and only those with due dates.

Alternatively, you might look at this Zap which is easier to set up, but requires you to immediately choose a due date (within a few minutes of making the card) else the due date won't exist when the Zap triggers.

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Hi, thanks. I'm a bit surprised its not built in. But, I'll check out your link. Thanks for the suggestion. – Pin Jan 18 '13 at 5:46

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