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Is there a call tracking application that will automatically provision phone numbers based on web referrers? What other web services are out there for tracking phone calls in conjunction with web traffic?

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AdInsight Classic does exactly what you have described above. AdInsight Clarity on the other hand is a more advanced call tracking solution which automatically provisions phones numbers for each website visitor. This means it can track exactly which keywords they used to find the website and what pages they looked at before, during and after the phone call. Hope this info helps!


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You can use Tropo to trigger Google Analytics calls when answering your phones: http://blog.tropo.com/2010/06/28/tracking-calls-with-google-analytics/

If your Tropo phone number is setup as one of several parallel numbers to ring, you can probably trigger that GA call on a Tropo number, which never answers the call. Then, the real number can be on any other system.

I don't know of anything that provisions phone numbers automatically, as the numbers are usually fairly expensive and have setup costs. However at least a couple of wholesalers have web services APIs you can build on. See, for example, Voxbone.

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