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I am interested in finding a web app which maintains a "project blog" kind of thing (for more than a single project).

I'd like this app to have the following capabilities:

  1. wiki like editing, new page adding, etc. (I really like Wikimedia's style of wiki).
  2. being able to maintain certain authorization on pages (i.e. not anyone can access any page)
  3. being able to send directly a URL to someone so they can look at the page and edit it, if they want (or possibly, if I send the URL with a permission to do that).

Wikimedia would be excellent for 1, and I would use it, but it doesn't allow to do 2 and 3 quite easily, I think. Maybe 2, but definitely not 3. Any ideas about something else?


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You might check out Evernote. It's usually not thought of as a "project blog" but it meets all the requirements you list.

  1. You can link notes in Wiki style
  2. You can permission access to notes
  3. You can share notes publicly or privately

Evernote also just launched their business version which might provide some additional features to help manage your work process.

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You might take a look at Workflowy. It's a bit of a different editting approach but they have some pretty robust sharing and privacy mechanisms.

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thanks! workflowy seems interesting (was not aware of it), but I want more robust editing support, even taking notes in the form of latex formulas. It seems more like a list maintaining webapp. – blogger Jan 19 '13 at 3:03

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