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Surprisingly enough, I have a problem finding a solution to this—I want to disable / remove the Random page link from a Mediawiki wiki on the left bar.

I think it is hard to find the answer on Google because "Random page" appears in many wikis as the actual link for Random page, but maybe I am googling for the wrong thing.

I couldn't find anything in LocalSettings.php either.

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The code for the sidebar is in the page MediaWiki:Sidebar. It should be enough to remove the line ** randompage-url|randompage from there. You need administrative privileges to edit that page.

Note that this does not actually disable the “Random page” feature (that's still accessible from Special:Random), it just removes the link from the sidebar. If you want to remove it altogether, you can add the following code to your LocalSettings.php:

function disableSpecialRandom(&$list) {
        return true;
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I see. thanks. is it possible to remove it altogether? – blogger Jan 19 '13 at 16:03
You could do that by using the SpecialPage_initList hook. – svick Jan 19 '13 at 17:15

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