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I just made an account on Mega that I want to cancel, but I can’t find any option for doing this. So, how do you cancel a Mega account?

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From their terms of service:

Suspension and Termination

21) You can terminate your access to the website and our services at any time by sending an email to support@mega.co.nz requesting termination. However, we will not provide any part- refund for any time not used on any subscription you may have.

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Here's a more detailed answer, from the MEGA-support:

To cancel your actual MEGA account: Can you please log into your MEGA account and remove its contents (any files or folders) to Rubbish Bin. Then click on Rubbish bin and ‘Clear Rubbish Bin’ as well.

When you emptied your MEGA account please advise us emailing from the email address your account is associated with.

We will get your MEGA account cancelled from the system and release your email address. We will advise you when this is completed.

If you have a PRO account and want to cancel your payment agreement with Mega Ltd., log into your PayPal account, go to your 'Profile' and click 'My Money'. Then update your agreement in your 'My pre-approved payments' section as you wish. You may file a PayPal dispute and apply for a refund.

We are making changes to improve usability and address technical issues following our recent re-launch out of Beta. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and have a MEGA-awesome day!

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