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According to the Google Drive SDK, the size and MD5 hash of files is available through the API. Each resource (file) has an md5Checksum and a fileSize:

md5Checksum (string): An MD5 checksum for the content of this file. This is populated only for files with content stored in Drive.

fileSize (long): The size of the file in bytes. This is populated only for files with content stored in Drive.

How can I access them through Google's web interface? I'd like to avoid coding my own interface just for this.

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Do you mean Google Apps Script? – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jan 24 '13 at 23:22

There seem to be no way through Google Drive's interface (yet), however for a quick manual way you can use Google OAuth 2.0 Playground to call the Drive APIs List Files service and get the md5Checksum. I needed this to verify that some personal large file I uploaded got there properly, hence the answer is not exactly tailored for development purposes.

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