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I've created a form on google drive, the form is public, anyone can see it and respond to it. I would like to also provide a link to the data gathered by the form, however I would like to provide the link which displays the data as a chart. But I do not know how to do this.

Here is the data for the link. What else should I do to display it as a chart for anyone?

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Depending on the type of question, Google Forms could create a chart automatically for you and display it in the "Summary of responses".

From View and manage form responses

View the summary of responses

To quickly see how many users filled out a form and what their responses are, you can check out the response summary. From your form, click the Responses menu and select Summary of responses.

If you'd like respondents to be able to see this same summary of responses, check the box in the "Confirmation page" section of your form labeled Publish and show a link to the results of this form. When this box is checked, users who respond to your form will see a “See previous results” link, which they can click to view the response summary.

The alternative is to create your own chart and publish it.

  1. Create a chart
  2. Publish the chart as a web page
  3. Share the web page


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