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I have a personal account and later I created a business page linked to it.

I want to keep only the business/fan page and delete the account (profile) created earlier. Is it possible? If so, how?

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Someone (a flesh-and-blood person) needs to own the business/fan page. If you don't want to be that someone any more, then you need to find someone else who is going to take on the role.

  • They need to "Like" the page.
  • Then you use your current personal profile to edit the Page and make them an administrator.
  • And lastly they use their personal profile to remove you from the page administrators.

On the other hand, if you still want to be the flesh-and-blood person who administers the page, but you just don't want to use Facebook youself any more then just:

  • Unfriend all your current friends
  • Change your personal settings to Private / Me-only / whatever FB is calling it this week
  • Don't post anything to your profile, or use any features except the business-page.
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