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Question here is: Is the following possible/doable using the facebook API?

Using the facebook API (open graph) I need to achieve the following:

When I publish a post to my self hosted WP site, I need to auto publish all images attached to the post to an album on a facebook page.

I only want to add one new album every day, called YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2013-01-28). So during one day, every time I publish a new post, all images are added to that days photo album on my facebook page. If the album doesn't exist, it should be created. I need to associate a small text with each photo, and a link to the originating post.

On the timeline, just one album should be shown for each day. This works if I create an album from the timeline, and later add more images to the album (the same timeline entry is just updated). I just need to do this using the Open Graph API from a WordPress site.

If this is possible, will I have to develop a plugin from scratch, or does one already exist?

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Facebook API (as far as I know) provides option for apps to post on users behalf on their page/profile so with no doubt this is possible and can be done. But the rest depends on you, how you want to do it and using what. I would suggest you to read more about Facebook API on their site so you can get a clear idea of things you can do with Facebook API.

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