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I sent an email to myself to keep it under a label, but when I delete it in Sent Mail, it deletes the message in the Inbox as well.

How can I keep it in Inbox (or under a different label) and delete it in Sent Mail? (Note this is different from other threads about deleting it in Inbox and keeping it in Sent Mail.)

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Gmail treats it like a single entity (email) instead of a sent-received pair, so if you delete it either from inbox or from Sent messages, it will be removed from both places.

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You can turn off the "conversation" feature in Gmail.

Settings --> General

enter image description here

This will split all messages up like they are in Outlook and others. It is a global setting though and I'm not sure you want to do that. If this is the only problem you have had with the conversation feature it is much like using a sledge to kill an ant. I find it is easier to read, but you have to decide for yourself.

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