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If my internet is capped to 256 Kb/s (32 KB/s), what things can I do to improve performance in web apps?

Some things that I would try are turning off images, however what about the images that are used to control the web app?

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Patience is a virtue. ;)

Most web applications require Javascript and images to give a full user experience or even work properly. If your browser and web apps support it, I would recommend installing Google Gears and enable offline mode even when your internet is connected. All images, html, and other data are stored on your computer for quick access.

Also, avoid clearing your browser's cache as it will cause the next few page visits to be very slow. 256 KB/s should actually not be slow at all, assuming you mean kiloBYTES per second. If each page request is taking 5+ seconds, you may have other problems at hand (ie. viruses, slugware, files downloading in the background or other devices on the network, etc.)

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Fantastic idea, I hadn't thought of using Gears while online! Will definitely be doing that, for all the time. Sorry, I did mean to write kilobits, so it is actually 32 KB/s which is pretty slow. It isn't really a specific issue, just things in general to do to improve performance. Thanks – tobeannounced Jul 17 '10 at 13:44
Ah, yes. 256 kb/s is pretty slow. Just be sure to turn Gears on occasionally to sync the local data to the online servers. – Vortico Jul 17 '10 at 18:16

You should also consider using the "lite" or "mobile" version of the web apps. They have limited functionality but all important should be there. For example see Facebook's Mobile Version (They used to have a lite version, too).

All images are held in the browser cache, so only the first time it will be downloaded. As an addition you can use Adblock Plus for Firefox to block specific images (in addition to the normal ad blocking) which then aren't downloaded anymore.

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