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I have used Google Site to set up a wiki and now want to allow three other people to be able to contribute to the wiki (full edit permission). Do they all need to have a Google account and do I need to know which email they use to log in to their Google account to be able to grant them this permission?

So I go to the site's Sharing and Permissions page, there's a place where you can Add people and assign rights. The box says, "Enter names, email addresses, or groups..." If I know my friend's email address, can I just enter jill.smith@example.com or do I have to contact her first to get the email she uses to log into Google?


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From their Google support page:

Note that anyone you set as "Can view," "Can edit," or "Is owner" must have a Google Account or Google Apps Account to share your site.

So the only way you can give someone else editing rights, is to have the person sign up for a Google Account.

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