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I am using bit.ly linked with my Twitter Account to write tweet directly from their web site.

Today I had the need to write an announce that mention a site name, TF2Maps.net in this case.

The problem is that bit.ly wants to convert it using its encoding but in this case I would prefer leave then name. How can I avoid url encoding in this case?

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You need to click on Share Settings (Right under your tweet) then uncheck

Auto-shorten my long links (uncheck to manually shorten links).

Now you can post without having your link shortened.

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Thank you, I didn't see that link. – Drake Jul 18 '10 at 13:57

Why making things complicated? Since you are doing it from bit.ly I guess they don't want that to happen. So for these special tweets, just use the Twitter directly. It's only 140 characters anyway.

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