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I want to subscribe to a private RSS feed, however when I paste the link into Google Reader's +Add Subscription, I get an empty feed.

How do I get Google Reader to authenticate my private RSS feed?

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At this time Google doesn't support private feeds.

Though there are several workarounds.

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You can try https://freemyfeed.com/

NOTE: I am not affiliated with the site but have used it for the same purpose, although with an RSS feed for which I was not too concerned about my credentials leaking. So think hard about the credentials and what would happen if they are leaked before you use the FreeMyFeed service or any other service like it.

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Which private feeds are you trying to subscribe to?

I have been wanting to use an RSS reader for Facebook and found this.

How to use Facebook with a feed reader


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I think Ivo meant private as in requires a password to view. The Facebook ones are actually public, just not-very-guessable... Reader doesn't support password-protected feeds at the moment as Jake said. – x3ja Jun 30 '10 at 23:32

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