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How do you do an IF ... OR ... THEN statement in a Google spreadsheet? In PHP I would do this:

if($C7 == "U.S.A." || $C7 == "Canada"){ ...

How to do the same as a spreadsheet formula?

At the moment I have

= IF ( C7 = "U.S.A." , "The Americas" , "Europe" )

I'd like to say if C7 = "U.S.A." OR "Canada"...

NB: I should have been able to (and tried extensively to) Google this, but the search engine ignores the words IF and OR

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In Google Spreadsheets, OR is a function (with any number of arguments), so you would write

IF (OR(C7 = "U.S.A."; C7 = "Canada"); "The Americas"; "Europe")

See the example spreadsheet I set up.

Also, check the Google Spreadsheets function list.

Note that my example code uses ; - you might have to use ,, depending on your locale settings.

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Great, thank you for all your help! – Djave Feb 5 '13 at 16:26

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