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Before buying a product, I always research options, reviews, drawbacks, prices, etc, however the hardest part for me is using the available options with the reviews and ratings to come up with a choice on what is best.

If there was a webapp that could ask me questions to help me choose a product based on features and my requirements, that would be awesome.

Ideally, I think it could work like:

For choosing earphones: what earphone styles have you tried previously, what is your preference/rating of these, what is your budget etc - then it uses all the data from ratings and review from the web and gives you a recommendation?

How do you think it could work - and more importantly, does it exist!

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I think Google Base used to do this, but they shut it down last year. –  Tobias Cohen Jul 18 '10 at 3:25

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Sadly, while this would be fantastic to have, it appears that the current offerings are rather lackluster.

It would seem that the current best option for this is using Hunch, which has recently changed from an open service to a sign-in only site.

It starts by Hunch getting to know you: what do you like; how do you think; who are you? Then, Hunch builds a taste profile mapping your unique tastes & preferences to the people, places and things all around you which you might like. The result is great recommendations that are customized just for you.

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Take NewEgg.com ... Seems like what you're asking for is very similar to how they filter by price, memory, hard drive space, manufacturer, etc. That's like asking a bunch of question.

Some websites are better than others for how they lead you to what you want.

Beyond that, though, seems like you'd need a crowdsourced solution (a bunch of people knowledgeable about a particular item sharing what they'd ask someone looking to buy). Hunch.com supposedly builds up a DB on you based on what you like / don't like, but that's not exactly what you're looking for.

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I wish I could use NewEgg - however sadly they don't ship to my location. "Newegg.com does not currently ship internationally; we only deliver to locations within the United States and to Puerto Rico." Yes, Hunch I have used before however as you say it isn't exactly what I am looking for. –  tobeannounced Jul 18 '10 at 3:38

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