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Is there a webapp that will allow me to upload all of my photos, songs, and videos to the service, and then play and manage the files through a web interface, and only download the files as needed - eg to stream it to a ps3 for playback?

This would help reduce my need for storage space, and provided the security and backup of the app was satisfactory, it would improve data safety.

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Put.io may fit the bill, although its mainly designed as an online torrent client that downloads content and converts it so you can stream it off the device of your choice.

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The Best Service for what you are looking for:


Performance is great and you can even upload from other URL' and Bit Torrent.

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Amazon, Apple and Google are announcing or have cloud drives and you'll be able to stream music and store files in the cloud.

Amazon's cloud drive allows for music streaming and document storage, and is open to the public.

http://www.zumodrive.com/ provides a cloud drive which will be represented as a drive letter in Windows, and allow online streaming.

http://www.carbonite.com/ will also allow you to browse music and pictures of your backup

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Are you affiliated with Zumo Drive? Your only two answers mentions it word for word. –  Eight Days of Malaise Jun 2 '11 at 14:15
not at all. I just started using it when I got a new PC. The two answers had similar answers so I cut and paste from the other. –  Brian Jun 2 '11 at 20:05

If you use Windows products, then this seems like it would be a good solution:

Windows Live Skydrive (25GB free)

However the playing online aspect of this isn't covered, which is something I would like.

So please post suggestions.

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