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I am going to start working on a project for a client.

I will need daily supervision from the client: at the end of the day, I'll write down what I've done, the difficulties I found, etc.

Then, for each of my notes, the client can make comments to steer the project in the right direction. A discussion might emerge between me and the client about the work of a specific day.

I need a web application that I can use for this. It must be free, it can be installable but I don't really like to spend time maintaining it. Having attachments would be a nice addition.

I am not looking for project management software per se. Too many functions that I won't use: bugs, to-do list, time tracking, wikis...

With this information, I evaluated some possibilities:

  • Host a blog or a discussion forum, make it private and create a post/thread per day. Seems a bit hacky, and I have to host.

  • Basecamp. It looks like a decent solution (it has discussions) but it's not free.

  • To-do lists (Asana, Wunderlist, etc). They are just that, to-do lists. No discussion.

  • Trello. I can have a board for the project and create a card per day. Although it's not perfect, Trello has nice discussion/commenting functionalities. Also it has attachments and can be used for other projects that may arise.

Trello is my favorite solution at the moment, but I'm not still convinced. Do you know any web application that could fit my needs?

PS: I understand this is not off-topic since the FAQ specifies app recommendations unless prior research is shown.

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Sounds like a private blog actually would be a rather simple solution. Most of the hosted blogs out there offer a private (limited viewing only to users of the blog) option. Certainly wordpress.com does. – Al E. Feb 6 '13 at 13:50

you could look at Zoho Projects it comes with the following features :

My Projects
My Tasks
My Bugs
My Milestones
My Work Calendar
My Timesheet
My Meetings

And is free so should work for you it also has the ability to start a forum thread so you have discussions too.

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Basecamp Classic gives you one project for free ... https://signup.37signals.com/basecamp/Free

I believe that you do not get file storage or time tracking with the free edition.

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It's free, has predefined apps for Project Management, but it's really a customizable general-purpose database. It supports attachments, displays images inline, and has real-time commenting features. Very easy to create a new project item per day.

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Sounds like you could do this with a private Google Group. The only members of the group will be you and the project manager (plus any other people you would like to add).

Every day you send an email (or post a message through the Google Groups web UI), with a subject line like Work summary, Friday Jan. 24. The message is delivered to the manager, who can respond via email, or the web UI. Attachments can be easily added.

Since the messages are archived by Google Groups, it is easy to browse through them at any time. No risk of messages being lost because you or your manager delete them from your inboxes.

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