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I'm logged into Gmail webmail via Chrome on Win7.

I open an e-mail. The person is not on my contact list, but I want them to be. I mouse over their name. A card comes up with their name, e-mail address, picture placeholder, and some links, one of which is Add to Contacts.

I click that link. I'm brought to a page for the new contact, which has their e-mail address. However, instead of their name, it has large text saying, "Add name."

It's not just a visual glitch: if I go from there to the contact list, sure enough, the e-mail address is there, with no name.

Happens every time. Why does it not pick up the person's name? Am I the only one this happens to, and if not, how is there not even apparently a "lab" I could enable that would address this / what can I do to fix this? Even the cruddiest old webmail interfaces have this feature working correctly...

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The straight forward answer: Google is allowing you to give the contact a nickname.

As for why it doesn't default, that's really up to the GMail devs, and you would have to go through Google Support to get anywhere with this.

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They can still 'allow' the same way while providing a sensible default, like any other client... – Kev Feb 9 '13 at 16:51

The way I see it, you have three choices, and depending on urgency/motivation you can use all of them:

  1. Copy the name to clipboard bevor clicking on the link
  2. Complain in the Gmail help page.
  3. Write a TamperMonkey script.
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