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When there are over 8 series in a chart (this is true at least for a pie chart) - Sheets combines all other series above the 8th into "Other" this is really counter productive when there are only 9 series... It could have just shown the last series instead of change the label to "Other".

Anyway, is there any way to stop this behavior manually? The only solution I can think of is doctoring the image and replacing the "Other" with the label of the 9th series.

Edit: This behaviour doesn't happen anymore. No need for answers.

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Can you share the sheet so we can take a look at it? – William Feb 7 '13 at 16:36
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enter image description here


I've created an example file for you: how do I prevent “Other” in the legend?


I've done some research and found out the following in which the behavior can be resolved if shown:

  1. Choose an exact range in the chart: I2:I107
  2. Delete the remaining empty rows, in your sheet
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Thanks for answering this really old question! The behaviour I was struggling with doesn't happen any more. Google Sheets have evolved considerably in the last couple of years... – NoamNelke Sep 21 '15 at 9:35

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