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I have in the past email PDF new letters to friends and them be told by them that they can’t read the PDF as there is not a PDF reader on the machine they are using and they don’t know how to install one, or their IT department will not allow a PDF read to be installed.

So how do I let them read a PDF newsletter?

I am looking for a web app that lets me upload a PDF, and then give me a web link I can email to people. I want that web link to work even if the person does not have a PDF reader. (It is not safe to assume they have flash etc)

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Flush ? Do you mean flash ? – phwd Jul 17 '10 at 13:58

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There are plenty of different ways of doing it and in addition to neo's answer, there is a very easy way of getting a public link to any of your files using Dropbox and afterwards using the link ({url})

But, I think the fastest way is:

  • Send the PDF file to your self using Gmail
  • Click the view button next to the attachment
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I like the ideal of just email the PDF to my self, then giving out the link, assume that the list lasts for long enough etc – DoNotInstall Jul 21 '10 at 13:08

I think you can do all that with Google Docs. They have a PDF viewer and they also allow you to share docs by link.

Here's a bit more info on PDF viewing from an older blog post of theirs:


An even easier option could be ZohoViewer. They allow you to upload a document, get a link and even set an expiration date on it. Pretty slick really and very single focused to this sort of thing.

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One possibility is to upload the pdf file to any webspace and then point to Google pdf viewer (which supports now even .doc){url}.

You could also upload the files to Google Docs. There should be a public link to share.

Another service (which allows you even to upload the files there) is scribd, which doesn't seem to use flash anymore.

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Google Docs would certainly work. I can think of two other options that would certainly address your issue.

  • Scribd: Has a desktop uploader that allows bulk uploads
  • Docstoc

Both these allow you to embed your documents on other websites.

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There is no need to any online tool just drag and drop the pdf in chrome browser and you will be able to see this pdf

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