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Is there a web app that will let me convert a word 2007 file to an older version of word?

(Sometimes I have to use locked down PC that have old versions of word and don’t have the file convert installed.)

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If you're looking for a online service that can convert documents between versions, try Media-Convert. Select a file in the upload box, and choose the output format. The formats currently available are Word 6.0, 95, and 97/2000/XP. You can even convert it to PDF, PS, OpenOffice formats, plain text, RTF, and HTML.

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I could be wrong, but can't you just open the file in Word 2007 and do a 'Save as'? Then you can save in older formats.

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@Dave Schappell , he is talking about the case where he does not have Word 2007 installed, on a PC pre-Word 2007. For example many schools had this problem with their library computers still running Word 2003. –  phwd Jul 17 '10 at 19:16

Not exactly a web application, but this should at least do the trick, if I'm not mistaken. After that, it's simple to save it. Hope that helps.

Open a Word 2007 document in an earlier version of Word (Microsoft site)

If you can't install it on said computer, I don't really think there's a web app out there that can do it.

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it is a locked down pc I think when he means the file convert, he is referring to the compatibility package you listed. –  phwd Jul 17 '10 at 20:01
That's unfortunate, in that case. Let's see however, one can always hope. :) –  Gnub Jul 17 '10 at 20:14

You can do this using Google Docs. Click the upload button on the document list, upload the 2007 file, then open it and click File -> Download as -> Word.

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this will work for Word files with simple formating, but Google Docs oftren messes up complex formating for me. –  DoNotInstall Jul 21 '10 at 13:12

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