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I need to create a swimlane style for my process map, how do I do this?

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The swimlane is the first element in the general shapes library, named container.

To rotate, you currently select ArrangeDirectionRotation from the menu and enter 270 (degrees) for a horizontal swimlane.

Rotation handles are in testing, which will make rotation easier, you can see them using the rotation=1 URL parameter.

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You can add swimlanes to the existing default 3 by right-clicking the last swimlane's title and selecting "Duplicate". Then move the inserted swimlane up/down by right-clicking its title and selecting "To Back" or "To Front" respectively.

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The swimlanes now (06/28/14) seem to be at the bottom of the "Advanced" category and are called Pools. There are two types of vertical pools and two types of horizontal pools.

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