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I'd like to use Draw.io in real time collaboration with a colleague—the About page says it can be done—, but I can't see any options. How can I do it?

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draw.io uses Google's Real Time Drive SDK for collaboration. You need to use the drive sub domain, drive.draw.io, but otherwise just use the app as you would normally.

On the Chrome Web Store, there are 2 draw.io entries, the standard non-RT version and the RT version, you need the later version for sharing. The entries are identical, apart from which sub domain they route you to, www or drive.

The reason we didn't make it default for Drive users was we wanted to monitor how stable is was. It's actually been more stable than the non-RT storage lately, so it might well be set to default in 2014.

You can use the drive.draw.io sub-domain and stay on it though, that won't be removed.

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is this still accurate, or is it a paid feature? i have a nice drawing to share, but the File|Share brings up a dialog that just spins and spins. Thx for a heads up. –  ScottCate Feb 25 at 18:08
Answer updated. There are no paid features in draw.io, everything, apart from programmatic customization, will always remain free. File->Share is Google's share functionality, you're probably hitting the bug they have with Apps domain accounts - support.draw.io/questions/1671282/… –  David Oct 7 at 22:16

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